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Thread: old member, late hello...

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    old member, late hello...

    hello all,
    writing from istanbul, turkiye. I have been a member since long time, but this is the first time Im seriously planning to build a car pc for my car, bmw x1.
    my car has no idrive cic. I bought 2 different chinese wince gps craps, and both is waste of time and money. instead of modifying them, I started thinking to use the screen frame of one of these chinese devices and build my own device, using a net-book computer.
    I downloaded and installed RR, played with it for a while, and thought, this is a good start point.
    some how, forum search tool doesnt provide me any result when I search for "bmw". so I thought maybe saying hi to everybody and ask for some guidence would be a good idea.
    so, hello to all and please tell me where to start.
    thanks in advance, and excuse the newbie.
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    sometimes the forums search doesn't work very well. i recommend using google instead-- just use '[space][search terms]' to focus the search here instead of the entire internet.

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