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Thread: Stock stereo wire harness cut, which color is what?

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    Stock stereo wire harness cut, which color is what?

    I found the diagram for which is which, I'll include that at the bottom. The only problem is that i have a new harness to replace it but some of the wires are the some color and dont have a black stripe like mentioned in the diagram at the bottom... so how to I tell which ones to connect?

    Yellow 12V Constant
    Red 12V Accessory
    Black - Ground
    Orange Dash Light Dimmer/Illumination
    Green Left Rear Speaker (+)
    Green with Black Stripe Left Rear Speaker (-)
    White Left Front Speaker (+)
    White with Black Stripe Left Front Speaker (-)
    Purple Right Rear Speaker (+)
    Purple with Black Stripe Right Rear Speaker (-)
    Gray Right Front Speaker (+)
    Gray with Black Stripe Right Front Speaker (-)
    Blue - Power Antenna

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    Which colors?
    However I have a feeling that the black stripes are just grounds for the speakers.

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    it'd help to know which car, and what audio features it has.

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