I've been wanting to fabricate a mount to replace my car stereo with my iPad 4th gen, similar to how many on YouTube have done where I can easily slide it in and it docks. The problem I'm facing is that the systems that allow you to do this seem pricy.

My dad recently installed the Sony sound processor in his truck and since its only $50 I figure it is worth looking into, but the dock has the 30pin connector and my iPad has the lightning connector. What I am trying to find out is if the 30pin to lightning dongle will allow audio streaming, which I'm fairly certain it does. And second, is there a way to ditch the cradle all together and use some type of connector that would use the lightning for audio output and take it straight into the sound processor and allow me to have a volume knob mounted somewhere in the car?

If this wont work, I may look into getting a stereo and mounting it in the glovebox and using the standard USB cable to hook it up but I'm trying to see how cheaply I can get my goal accomplished without angering the wife haha

Any help is appreciated! I did a search on the XDP-MU110 and it came up with nothing so please don't flame me
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