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Thread: Software questions from a new member

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    Software questions from a new member

    Hi all,

    I would like to get airplay to work to my carputer. It's running windows 7 32 bit. I have both wired and wireless networking. I can setup the ICS to enable others to connect to the wifi and the be on the same network for airplay. Is there software that will let the computer detect as an audio and video target?

    For bluetooth connections to work like it does in with my pioneer dvd/nav headunit I will be replacing. I currently get a popup saying a call is coming in from (###) ###-#### press call symbol to answer or hangup signal to ignore. How is that setup on a carputer or can it be?

    Centrafuse seems to be the software to get for carputers. What hardware is needed to run the NAV version? How is its integration with itunes and media center? IE is it worth doing?

    I'm a firm believer in "The only stupid question is the one you don't ask." I'm looking for all sort of input from those who have used the products or can help me get things working. I'm new to carputers but an old hand with PCs (windows and linux) and would appreciate as much info as I can get to work with in making my decisions and getting things running. Thanks in advance.

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    A word of warning CF nav is very outdated and will not ever be updated. You can try sygic which is the nav software of choice for CF now. Before you spend money on CF give Driveline front end a try, nothing to install just run the exe from where you unzipped it. It has that bluetooth phone setup you describe. And works very well with streets and trips/garmin/copilot/igo8. The most current build is available here Just a suggestion SNO
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    Does Driveline implement the full handsfree profile and pass the audio through the carPC as well? Centrafuse does. As far as Nav is concerned, Sno is 100% correct about Destinator. So if you did buy CF, I'd get the standard version and run all the same programs he mentioned, since they will work very well with Centrafuse just like they do with Driveline.

    Full disclosure: I run Centrafuse Inc. Driveline is a very nice product and it's free. If it meets your needs, that's the way I'd go. But it doesn't do everything that Centrafuse does.

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