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Thread: 2 ideas I need help with.

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    2 ideas I need help with.

    1. I have a little air freshener that runs on 2 AA batteries. I was thinking about wiring it into a USB plug to plug into a port...That should work right? I have enver tried it before but thought this would be any idea.

    2. I have some lights I want to hook up...I wanted to hook them into a distribution box. Is there a way if I use a relay that I can have them go to a block and then put a switch to it so the load is not handled on the wires going the switch and back?

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    I advise against air fresheners, but 2 AAs is 3V compared to USB 5V. Find out what the draw is - I suspect a resistor (else 3 diodes) will be ok.

    And yes, that is what a relay id for. Block thru fuse to relay 30 & out 87 to the lights.
    Then either (say) block thru fuse thru switch to relay 86 and GND to 85, or 30 to 86 & 85 thru switch to GND.

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