good night.
I'm new to the forum.
first like to thank the staff of the forum.
Hell are parabens!

I have several questions. you can not solve with my friends in Brazil.

such as:


compared to bluetooth. bought on ebay a usb cheapie about $ 2.
I use it on my obd2 and simuntaneo on my phone?
if not. is possible to place two devices on one computer only?
I'm doing a carputer with a old notebook. and converter 12v to the source.

I care where his energy and fabrics?
because they do not want to consume when the car is off.
it is possible to mount a sound with a high quality with a 5.1 USB sound card creative X-Fi SB1095?
can discard the use of a sound processor?
is there any software or hardware to make a fine equalizer?
Thank you folks.