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Thread: New build, audio, video, games and tuning. Looking for input

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    New build, audio, video, games and tuning. Looking for input

    So while this isn't my first carputer, I'm trying to build a monster and looking for advice.

    I'll start off with the car:
    2001 Hyundai Tiburon. The build (still in progress) consists of a Beta 2 block with Beta 1 heads, custom equal-length manifold, custom GTK Turbo (HPC-64 comp, .65 AR), 1.8L cams, Ferrea everything valvetrain, Forged rods and pistons, WPC and cryoed crank... just to start. Fed through a 1.8L 5-speed that's been blueprinted and bulletproofed. Megan coilovers, XG350 calipers & 12" rotors, Brand new OEM everything suspension which has been treated with POR-15. Adjustable swaybar and endlinks, Juntos front strut bar, custom made rear strutbar. Pretty much everything performance that you can imagine doing to one of these, I've done it or am working on it.

    The computer: (specs I'm thinking)
    i7-4771 cpu
    2x 8GB Corsair Vengeance
    360GB Corsair SSD
    Video Card yet undecided.

    I'm still pondering power. That CPU is going require a decent chunk and I want a good graphics card in there so that makes powering this one of my biggest concerns. My first thought was power inverter and standard ATX psu, but would it better (or even feasible) to use a set of Pico-box 1x0 PSUs and splice off 12v, 5v and ground as required from the redundant modules? As does cooling, but there are a ot of options on that front.
    I want to put the enclosure in the stock radio location, since that's double din I can't foresee any fitment issues, but have not tackled that end before so input there is good too. For a display the store front here has plenty of touchscreen double din options so nothing special there. Except that I'm rigging up a rotating faceplate using the one from the stock radio so when the car is off it won't look like anything worth stealing, especially in a Hyundai. Also rigging this into the piggyback instead of relying on a laptop.

    I'm sure there's plenty I missed, so feedback is much appreciated!
    Thanks! Glad to be here ans back in the PC build game.

    edit: Well, this was certainly sitting in limbo for a while. New post here -
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