Greetings everyone

My name is Deanorth, I'm from Reunion island, in the Indian ocean.

I've been a long fan of audio, and car audio too, but till the point where my frustration lead me to think about switching to a carpc.

That's for a simple reason, at home, I've moved all my cd and vynil out, to get flac, flac 24/96 and flac 24/192 files, from a HTPC with a lynx II card hooked to a rotel RB1080 amp, and in my work place, a grado PS1000 headphone.

so I've completly moved to flac...

And I'm stuck in my car, a BMW E39 530i, where my alpine ina W910r sits.... it plays well, no problem with that, but I want to be able to play my flac here too, and so far, the market is what it is..

Thing is, my first concern is ONLY playing music, I don't care about radio, about video, about navigation (my island is small enough).

But I do care about the best display possible, and one tht will fit in my Janus bezel too

So, here is my simple grail quest:

A carpc with windows 8, or with windows 7 and foobar. Either a good soundcard, or a USB DAC, self powered by USB.

That will goes to my existing setup, alpine processor HX800, 3 genesis amp, brax matrix 3 ways setup in front, DLS sub firing through the rear seats. The car PC will be in the trunck of the BMW, or under a seat, depends on power cooling requirement.

Touchscreen wise, the pre assembled 669GL-70NP/C/T seems to fit what I need, with a long HDMI cable if I understand it right.

Computer wise, though I'm a bit lost..

I'll need a quite big HD to store my flac, that is sure. a small SSD for the system is a must, that is not a question. But I don't precisely see what I need computer wise to run wasapi flac playback...

If it's going to be a soundcard, it'll be an ESI Juli@, dac wise, I've wait to decide...

If anyone can point me if my thoughts are wrong or right...

But case wise, and power wise,