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Thread: To E3io or to Not ??

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    Couple of questions

    1. Does Anyone know where they get there cases for there small edition version? It only has a depth of 6 3/4.

    2. Can anyone confirm what amp there using inside the pc, and are they getting the signal from a internal usb, or the internal sound header.

    Thanks in Advanced

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    Here is one of their resistive setups:

    No idea on the amp...but that is easily addressed in a cost effective manner in particular if you aren't buying their PC. A standalone amp will eat that one alive although it'll be bigger. For something small peak at the PPI, Polk Audio, Hertz, NVX etc full range Class D amps. They all share the same board and are pretty swappable, but are rather tiny and put out nice power.

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    Yes, I believe the screen Deephaven linked along with a ByByte Nano ITX case are used for the smaller E3IO carpc. I can tell you the larger case is too deep to easily fit in most cars. I had to cut behind the dash to gain enough clearance to fit the full "Derrick in NY" case.

    Don't know which internal components they use in the E3IO carpc, but having built up an Atom based full size one myself at a cost of about $1100, the E3IO seems like a very fair priced carpc for all you get.

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