I have been on here before lurking and finally decided to register.

I am working on installing an Android Stick in my 1990 Corvette. I have it working mostly with help of a Pioneer App Radio 2 and ARLiberator, as it all started out having my phone plugged into my car.

So the touch screen on the App radio acts as the main interface, I am using Car home Ultra and have it working as the home replacement on the Stick.. I have one last task I need to figure out

I would liek to find a Portable Battery pack to connect between power and the PC so when the car is off the PC will still be on. I will use Tasker for some tasks as well to turn wifi on Etc, but the Stick will mostly have Bluetooth on, if the car will sit for a longer period of time I will turn off the Stick.

I tried my Motorola P4000 power pack but when it is plugged into power it seems to be switching (like a switch mode power supply) and not keeping the Stick on, is there a power pack avail that will keep the stick powered when it is plugged in and charging?

here is a picture of it (using my Phone for the UI here)

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System is:
Pioneer App Radio 2
2 Arc Audo KS 300.4 Amps
CDT 1,4,6.5 front speakers
eD EU700 rear speakers

App radio was using a RAZR MAXX

now it is a Tronsmart mk908 with Finless 1.6a ROM (1.6a fixed the touch controls for me)