hello guys
im planning my second android tablet project permanent install in my car now the first one i had problems with:
1. Heat reaching upto 60C; i managed that with some fans, has anybody tried water cooling?! how was it
2. Power; the tablet is hooked up to a usb charger from cars accessory power outlet
the problem with it that when engine starter is on my accessory port loose power for a second or 2 which disrupts charging
and caused 1 tablet to die on me so far
and for that i thought of 2 solutions :
1 is a delay relay, 2 is a capacitor
what are your thoughts on that, and if there are any other solutions
3. i managed also to fry tablets internal audio controler IC how i dont know hoping anyone has knowledge on how it got fried so i could fix a possible issue

** i don't want const. battery power it will destroy battery life after much earlier than its supposed to

any suggestion also apprdeciated