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Thread: Planning Carputer in 2008 VW R32

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    Planning Carputer in 2008 VW R32

    I am new to the idea of adding a carputer to my volkswagen R32. I came with OEM nav but it sucks.

    I would like to run some version of windows. preferably 8
    I would like to be able to use VCDS by Ross-tech. I then can monitor just about every sensor in my car (oil presure/temp). . Ross-tech has also released a program called VC-scope which will allow me to create gauges based on canbus measuring blocks.

    I would like to use GPS
    My car originally came with GPS, which means it has a GPS antenna. Does anyone know how one would go about getting the antenna signal into the computer. When ever i searched for USB to Antenna adapter. I just found USB gps antennas. Also car is a double din, i have looked at other threads/ builds, it seems its fairly "easy" to fabricate a adapter to hold a touch screen.
    picture of gps antenna connector:

    I would like to play music
    I have an OEM amplifier in my car and I can use either line level or speaker level.
    I would also like to be able have AM/FM

    So I dont understand how much "power" i will need from this computer.
    So at max i would be running VC-gauge or VCDS, A GPS application, and a Music application. I can measure the VC-gauge/VCDS on my PC if this helps(idk what ill be measuring lol)
    How do i determine how much processing power i need?
    How do i determine how big of a power supply do i need?
    How much memory do i need?

    I would like to get a SS drive for the OS then run my music from another undetermined source.
    I would like capacitive touch screen. maybe with gestures. Undecided.
    Not sure about front end... If i get windows 8 will i even need one?

    Thanks for you help MP3Car Community!


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    Looking at going with mini itx form factor. undecided on the actual board and processor..

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    I bought a mini itx carputer off ebay, used for $45 free shipping. It includes a case, pico power supply, zodiac motherboard, via cpu, 1gb ram.
    I have bought a bezel and trying to fit a 16:9 8" touch screen. I saw carnext has one on the MP3store but cant find any reviews on it. it was nice that it had the dimensions as i was able to make a template and test fit the template in my dash with the bezel.

    I think the plan is now to do more research on which monitor i want to buy, and get a SSD for an OS installed into the newly purchased carputer. Once i get that going stable ill see how fast the CPU is and decide if i want to upgrade form there.

    Need to buy an Arduino and CanBus shield and start reading/writing to the canbus.


    PS does anyone know why I can only log in using the computer i signed up on? as this is my work computer and i would like to use tapatalk on my ipad/iphone

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    So after doing somemore research, I decided to return the ebay ITX carputer.... and today being black friday i bought a Habey BIS-6761 for $130. Also i bought a SSD 128gb for $60.... and the Arduino and CanBus shield for $60... I went a little crazy today haha.. I still need to get some ram for the Habey kind of unsure what i should get? not what kind but how much either 2 or 4. the habey only has 1 slot and upto 4gb max. So if no one posts back ill probably go with 2gb. My friend said he has a copy of XP he will let me have so ill load that onto the SSD and start playing around.

    Still need to get a monitor.... a few people said to go with lilliput rather than carnetix one. Spec wise its the same. also looks like there is one on the classifieds I have posted in the thread. I tried to message him but i dont think i have enough posts or something.

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