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Thread: Yet another "Planning CarPC" thread! Sorry..

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    Yet another "Planning CarPC" thread! Sorry..

    Ok.. my first post so please take note of that..

    In a couple of months I am driving to Florida (17 hour drive!), a friend of mine will be traveling in his mini van behind me the whole way. I thought about installing a seat-back dvd system for the read seat to keep the kids entertained for the trip but then had a brain fart! I use Plex at home for my media server (runs on a MAC mini). Love the interface and transcoding for iOS devices..

    So what I'd like to do is to mount my MAC Mini in my Jeep Grand Cherokee and broadcast video to wireless devices and possibly to my friends car following me.. My Jeep has the power outlet option so I could just plug the mini in.. This won't be a permanent install though and if it works out would like to transplant the setup to my RV for trips with it..

    My video's are housed on a 3TB Seagate GoFlex drive which is connected via USB to my MAC mini.


    1: Is this a stupid idea or not?
    2: Will the MAC mini work ok plugged in the power outlet? or should I look at a DC-t-DC converter?
    3: Any suggestions on how to broadcast video WiFi to a car behind me? Do I need a router?
    Plex has a web interface so I'd have to allow connectivity somehow, a router being my only option?

    I do have the factory navigation (MyGIG) in my Jeep which I could buy the lockpick tool to open up DVD output to rear monitors but since I'm already using the mini for a media center, it wouldn't make sense buying a whole new setup for short term usage.


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    1. It's only stupid if you're a redneck and shout "HEY Y'ALL! WATCH THIS!" beforehand.

    2. As long as the power outlet provides sufficient amperage, you'll be fine.

    3. An ad-hoc wifi connection would work with no additional hardware. However, ad-hoc connections are a bit trickier to setup. A router would be far simpler as far as setup.
    Bear in mind that you'll have to get the WiFi signal to the other car which is (hopefully!) a safe distance behind you through the sheet metal and glass and everything else of two vehicles. That will require a powerful WiFi signal and a sensitive receiver.
    Your best reception would be with high-power WiFi adapters and antennas mounted outside the vehicle. This could get expensive adding $100-150 to the install.
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    Most routers are work around the 12v mark...the belkins i have are 13.2v i think.pretty easy to setup in the cut the transformer off and wire a cig lighter plug on it.would probably survive the 13-14v the alternator puts out.3-4devices streaming video could hard work for the router tho.I'd give it a test run as setup wouldn't take long

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    Going to head over to Microcenter later to see what they have.. I don't mind spending a couple hundred to get a good setup..

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