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Thread: building from scrap head a little sore please be patient

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    building from scrap head a little sore please be patient

    Been off work with back problems so been having a small sort out of some scrap i have lying about.

    I have a mini pc running XP came out of a teardrop caravan and was used to run a projector as a multimedia thing. Can't tell you much about the inside spec as i can't see any number etc on the MB but will fire it up tomorrow and do a system check to see what details i can get. But what i do know is its old think about 1gb processor, 250gb hd (full size) 2x512 pc2700 333mhz ram, 3xusb, vga, lan printer com mouse and keyboard sockets 4 pin power socket mic socket and 2 other sockets the same as the mic socket.
    Wireless mouse and keyboard
    usb gps dongle
    usb internet dongle
    usb powered touchscreen

    I already know that the usb touchscreen will not work on this micro pc thing but the micropc itself does work using the vga socket.

    Ideally i would like to use all this to install a carpc in my motor to use as a computer. I already have a half decent headunit and speakers in the car but was thinking of running this for now and if i like it then go down the big install route.

    My main reason for installing this would be for Map reading via memorymap instead of having to keep messing about with laptop/notebooks. I do understand that i will have to fit a special delayed power source. The main thing is with the interfacing and the touchscreen monitor as there is no expansion for a different graphic card. What i like about the touch screen is the fact that its just one wire to undo to remover the screen from thieving eyes and it size 10 inch as 7 inch is too small for reading maps whilst on the move.

    Sorry for the ramble is there anyone that maybe able to help steer me in the right direction please

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    Welcome to the forum! I think you could get away with the usb/dc-dc power supply That should do the job for you and give you the auto-start auto-shutdown. I think I might go with a SSD just to somewhat compensate the slow processor. Which you could use should you decide to upgrade the hardware at a later date. I guess you need to make sure that computer has sata before ordering one. Good luck and don't forget to start a worklog of your progress. SNO

    Pictures might help with identifying your mainboard or computer!
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    I will post some pictures up as soon as i can. I was thinks ssd myself as the comp will be bouncing about when i am off roading, but at the min the hd is IDE and the board is definitely pre sata so my be better selling it on ebay and starting again? just a tought. Any ideas with the monitor its like a mimo style

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    the other thing is how much power would it consume if i was to leave it permanently on to record cameras??

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    I just upgraded from an acer aspire one to mini pc zbox id80. I didnt need to buy a special power supply for it. just took the power from the ignition and set the bios to boot up when ac is corrupt. and it just powers down when ignition is off, with ssd and ewf, I didnt get any data corruptions. a simple laptop car charger did my job(actually the same one that I was using for aspire one, just changed the jack).
    Zotac Zbox id80
    64Gb Sansdisk SSD
    4Gb Ram, BU-353-S4 Gps
    7" resistive touch screen
    Win7 x86, BS 10.0.470, RR, Reborn,
    KKCanBus, BT Mobilephone, igo8.3, Garmin

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