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Thread: Planning my first CARPC

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    Planning my first CARPC


    New to the carpc world. I am wanting to do just a simple setup for my truck, to listen to music from, and also be able to have my photography office in my truck while on the road. I have never dealt with a carpc before, and have no idea where to start out. I do know, that I don't need the processor to have a huge hard drive, as I will be using a portable harddrive with it.


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    Hi Landon, welcome to The easiest system would be a stalk mounted small laptop, with a bluetooth audio receiver connected to you amp inpur or aux input of existing car stereo.

    The next level up would be a trunk mounted carpc, with either a dash or stalk mounted screen depending upon size required.

    The most aggressive would be a double din pc.

    With and windows or mac based carpc you can plug in a usb monitor, where video and power come from the single usb plug. Up to 15" in size it would be easier to see photos on while parked somewhere.

    Price can be any thing from $200-$500 for used to $500+ for a new system depending on requirements.

    Android based systems might not be good due to compatibility with external hard drives.

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