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Thread: Newbie that needs some help please

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    Newbie that needs some help please

    Hello everyone I am new to this forum and am in a wheelchair. I just got myself a new E350 Full size Van and after watching some youtube vids I decided I like to build my own car pc.

    Not knowing what I all need for hardware, I do know I want it to replace my OCM Ford Radio and to have all the bells and whistles.
    So far for hardware I have ordered the BBX-1 and a 7 inch touch screen and was pondering what else I should buy.


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    Hi and welcome to the forum! Depending on what you want in a carPC, I would start of with directed/visteon HD radio and mitch's usb cable, maybe xmd-1000 forXM radio, obd2MX for your engine diagnostics and data, your other items that are also good would be robby's TMPS and parking distance addons, If you want to control various lights and relays or temp sensors I would get a phidgets 1018. Only my suggestions only and make sure you start a worklog Goodluck SNO

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    Thanks for replying to my post SNO
    Yes I like to add the high Def radio, Dxsar psu, and engin diagnostics.
    Maybe Xm radio later on down the road and I know nothing about changing light or sensors and I hate to mess things up

    What would any of you req amend for mother board cpu and hard drive for the bx-1. I never built a mini atx system before and was wondering if anyone has set up a car pc with a bx-1 case


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    Your computer will all depend on what you plan to do with it.

    You might want to try getting a hold of one of the OPUS solutions computers as listed in this thread... It is cheap and can get you up and running by adding a screen.
    You can upgrade it if it is not enough for you or outright sell it if it doesn't do what you want but you will probably be happy with it if you are not doing anything too extravagant.

    You will need to get a power connector but it should be generic and cheap.

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