Hello all,

Been lurking here for quite some time now and originally had a Zotac CarPC which eventually evolved into a tablet solution and now in my new car another tablet integrated solution.

For starts, the car is a 2013 Altima. I have three amplifiers (1 for the front and rear door speakers, 1 for the rear dash speakers, and 1 for the subwoofer). To get audio to the tablet, it's basically a bunch of RCAs linked together to go into 1 3.5mm input that the tablet has. The tablet is a 2014 Edition Samsung Galaxy Note. The audio quality is okay, but whenever I start to crank up the gains on the amps I start to get a ton of white noise. My assumpion is because I'm downgrading the audio signal due to all of the different RCA connectors? I didn't do the install with the amps...I'm kind of car-tarded when it comes to this side of the project. So, that is my basic understanding of the noise issue. So, with that said, what do I need to purchase in order to get the loudest and cleanest audio. A few people recommended the JBL MS-8, and some people are talking about USB DACs...and I'm not sure if I need one, the other, or both. Any guidance on this would be nice. I did a bit of lurking, but couldn't really find the info I needed.

As for the bluetooth issue, what is everyone doing for this nowadays? Lots of talk about linking up Parrot kits to bluetooth from the tablet, and then using software like TabletTalk (I think that's what it's called). Is this still the preferred solution?

Thanks for the help!