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Thread: Small project need direction

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    Small project need direction

    First off, im absolutely amazed by some of the projects on here and how in depth the whole electronic modding thing can go.

    So here's what i've got going on...

    I have a Nissan 240sx with a consult cable, I'm using an ECUTalk USB adapter in order to display ECU information on my windows 7 laptop through their program. Here's a link if you need more specific info:

    So basically I need some device or setup that can take data from a usb input, run an exe file to read that data and display it on a small screen.

    I'm thinking that a full car PC would be overkill but its too complicated (based on my current knowledge) to run the exe file on an android setup.

    Ideally I would have a small (5"-7") touchscreen that I could tuck in the glovebox when not in use, or even disconnect to remove it when needed.

    Right now im looking at tablets, netbooks, car PC's, and the pocket PC option but I'm hoping someone could clarify or give me a more clear direction for my research.


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    Welcome to the forum! I think for what you want to do you will need a PC. A good 7" high brightness/5 wire touch will be fine. A nice little i3-i5-i7 mini-itx with ssd will run your app as well as anything else you might want to run. A front-end software will make life much easier in the car, my recommendation on that would be Driveline for ease of installation and setup. Sticking with windows pc, you will have little trouble getting it upand running. Good luck and make a worklog once you get going SNO

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