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Thread: CarPC wont start after hibernation

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    CarPC wont start after hibernation

    Yesterday, I installed the PC from my old car into the replacement. All went well and it fired up and functioned properly first time. When I stopped and turned the car off for the first time, I thought I'd check the system again. I waited till the PC shutdown then restarted the car. NOTHING!!! The only way I could get it started was to remove the fuse then replace it back in the fusebox. Started straight away then. Any solutions beside hard wiring it without a fuse?

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    Sounds like you haven't picked up the right wire for the acc circuit on the car.

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    I'm certain the 12 volt accessories wire is sourced correctly. It is a constant 12v when the key is at accessories. Could this possibly be anything to do with the onboard battery. I notice it doesn't keep time/date so must be flat. The fuse I'm having to remove/replace is on the constant power line.

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    You technically want ignition wire not just accessory. Accessory usually cuts out when in start position. I would also replace that on-board battery (mainboard we are talking about) not that would have any bearing on your original problem. Good luck SNO

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