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Thread: Why all the newbies?

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    Why all the newbies?

    I've been noticing a huge increase in the number of members on this forum. Just wondering where you all are coming from? This site has been here for years, yet in the last 2-3 months membership has been increasing dramatically.

    So if the newbie’s wouldn’t mind, how about sharing how you came about this site?

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    Well since i came here in last 2-3 months i'll chime in.

    Ive been wanting to put a computer in my car for a while. Never really gave it serious thought till i actually had some money to throw into a decent audio system. So after shopping around looking at mp3 cd players, changers, Fatbox and other hard drive based music kegs i came to the conclusion none of them did everything i wanted. Basicly i wanted something like Kenwood Music Keg but i wanted it to have wi-fi so i wouldnt have to keep taking the drive out and into the house to put music on it. Then i found this thing called Omni-Fi that did exactly this, but the damn release date kept getting pushed back month after month so i said the hell with it. Im putting a full computer in my car and be done with it. Did a LOT of searching the net to get info on the best way to do it, and when I found this site all my searching stopped. And now I got my 7in LCD touch screen carputer up and operationaly for about 2 days now and i am LOVING it.

    Thanks All

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    I have been coming to this site for years I just never said anything on the forums. I would just look at peoples rigs and go oww and ahhh and oh good lord that ugly.
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    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...

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    I have the same situation than liquid_smoke. I tried to find good mp3 player for my car and one day wondered here. After that I was sold. Now I'm gathering all the stuff (epia m10000 ordered) and trying to figure out how to put them in my car. Other reason I think is that there are much more suitable equipment on the market today than year ago. More powerful itx boards makes things better.

    In my situation there is a drawback. I live in finland and everything has to be ordered abroad. There is huge vat and custom charges added to all ordered stuff ;( But I'm still going to build my very own "carputer" .

    Thanks for the great forum. It's very helpfull.

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    I've looked at putting a pc in my car for last few years... been on and off finding information, etc. At one point, (about a year and half ago), I just dropped the ball and just got pocket pc instead with nice hotswap carmount I custom made and Travroute pocket CoPilot 3.0. (MP3 didn't bother me much really). I did glance over at this site back than but it didn't nearly have as much information back than.
    Recent development such as price drop of LCD screens, small form factor computers emerging as viable candidates, etc piqueued my interest in again and this site seems to have much more information than there was before
    Still undecided between some alternatives... for MP3 & DVD I am going to just get headset unit... the only thing that makes me think possible use of computer would be purely for GPS, but fooling around with recent copilot 2003 left me a bad taste for time being.

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    Zip I dont know if you notice this but have you look at the Currently Active Members? Most of the time is close to 100. About 3/4 are all Guests. Are there other sites Besides Media Engine, Detroit News Story, and TechTV have direct link to this forum? I know avsforum has a few posts re-directing people to this forum for putting PC in cars. I found this site back in 99 and didnt register til 02. Back then the forum's most active members at one time was like 35 or 36, Now it's like 108 and 75-85% are all guests.
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    I myself think twice before posting something from here in a large Swedish forum, since I dont want newbs from there come here and do their thing...

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    I've had a computer in my car for the past couple of years, but only recently (last month or so) have I seriously thought about getting a better setup.

    I was ordering a GPS reciever, and was looking for reviews of the software that I could have got bundled with it, and came across ccsnet's site, which had a link to here. The rest, as they say, is history!!

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    I have been into mp3s since 96, VCD and divx movies since 97 and made my first mp3 car in 98/99. I have been here for ever. I just did not registered. Now that I am making a freeware interface, I thought it would be nice to get some feedback.
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    You know you can tell what people are doing online.

    When I checked it one guest was registering.

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