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Thread: General info needed..

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    General info needed..


    I want to do this but need some help planning out what the total cost is going to be. This is what I understand, please correct and fill in the blanks.

    I need a power inverter (300+ watts), is that hard to hook up?

    Can I easilly plug in my car speakers or do I need to buy computer speakers for my car?

    Whats the cheapest LCD I could probably find that would fit where my stereo is? (normal size)

    Umm, whats the aprox. cost of a touchscreen for that lcd screen?

    I understand that most of this info is probably already posted but after looking for an hour I am just more confused, thanks for any help!

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    what country are you in, i assume you are in the US or Canada.
    Im in Australia so I probly wont be too accurate with the Costs in $US but here goes.
    300w inverter $35 **** easy too hook up. Red wire to + black to Car body!
    You can easily use your existing car stereo but unless it has Line In then you will have to put up with reduced sound quality. Use a FM modualtor or a "Tape Converter" (I dont know what there called)
    I have seen a few 6inch LCD (composite) you could build into your Single Din stereo socket for about $85. Touch screen, No idea but for the screen I am getting the touch screen is about $40 extra.
    Hope i am accurate and i could help!

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    When I was new here -- Just a short 2 months ago -- I found the SEARCH button. Then I read for a few weeks, then I started asking questions. Read, process info, ask detailed questions.

    Now, to try to help you.. My 300w/600wPeak inverter cost $30 on eBay, its over kill and I'm thinking of scaleing back to something in the 150-200w range, so I don't zap main battery as fast You will want to NOT use Computer speakers - Ghetto is not better. You can use a tape adaptor (Ghetto ) or an amp or an aux-in on a HU to run it. Lots of options. 1DIN LCD, I'm not too sure.. might help a bit.

    Also, post specs on your car and what the goals are.
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