Hi all,
I have a question regarding to electronic/magnetic interference between computer in the car and speaker/subwoofer.
Do any one of you have problem placing the computer too close to the subwoofer? Does the subwoofer's magnet cause any problem with the HD?
Can the regular DVD drive take all the shock in the car or any special mount needed?

I was in the planning stage for the carputer and it is intended as a test project for the next real one.
Car: 89 Toyota Supra Turbo (7MGTE) targa top.
Sound system: Alpine deck with Aux input, 160W RMS 4 channels RockFord Fosgate amp for 4 speakers, 200W 2 channels RF amp for 2 Sony Subs

All computer parts are used/throw out from upgraded.
Mobo: Full size ATX with P3 550 Mhz
Power: 200W AC PSU with 300W continuous AC-DC Inverter/transformer (Yes I know it bad for computer)
Aux bat: Will be connect directly to car ACC line (cut off during cranking) so it will be MainBat/Alternator -> ACC -> AuxBat (with resistor) -> Inverter -> PSU.
Display: Mod PSOne LCD with Matrox G200
TouchPad mouse and mini USB keyboard w/build in 2 USB ports.
Case: Custom build Flexiglass between Subwoofer and rear seat.
Usage: MP3, DVD, Nav, ODB1(if possible), and more to come.

Anything wrong with the setup except using an inverter?
Should the Aux bat (12V 7a) handle the inverter during that 1 sec cranking?
This is my first post but I been reading the site for the pass 2 month and I am not new to computer or car electrical system.