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Thread: Amp/Speakers Recommendations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricky327
    It seems loud enough for me. Not even sure if its a crapy setup or not. I dont know why it sounds saturated even before the volume is set to max. The HU is 4 x 50W RMS. I never bother to find out since I dont listen at full blast either...maybe someone here knows why it saturate when the speaker should be able to take more power?
    Because it's not the speakers that are distorting, it's your H/U. Although they have labels like "50Wx4 MOSFET POWER!" They really are only outputting ~15W RMS. Add an external amp that is rated 50x4 RMS and you will hear an enormous difference.

    Now, on to the sub issue. What a sub does is reproduce the lower frequencies so that you can use a high-pass filter on the main speakers. 5.25" will not be able to play down to 40Hz, so instead of converting that power to sound it's converted to more heat in the voice coil. It will also distort because the speaker is unable to reproduce those frequencies.
    Solution: Use an amp with high-pass crossovers and use them well. First, correctly set the gain, then turn the volume up and adjust the crossover frequency lower and lower until you like the sound (it's not distorting, but you get midbass response and some bass response) You can easily add a sub later down the road when you get more money/decide you want one.

    Oh yeah, and instead of putting 6x9" speakers in the rear (and pulling the soundstage back) just for bass, you should have gone with just front speakers and a small sub. The sub will go lower and won't pull the soundstage to the back of the car.

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    Thanks for the info PFDarkside. I just never had real car audio experience.

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    amps: jl audio, ppi, phoenix gold, zapco, arc audio, kicker, hifonics, xtant, jbl, alpine are all good mid to upper price range amps

    speakers: mb quart, focal, jl audio, kicker, image dynamics, diamond, rainbow, dynaudio, eclipse, and several other companies have good to really good speakers and do a SEARCH
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    want: my stereo actually IN the car

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    Quote Originally Posted by stkdidy ntshidy and do a SEARCH
    Thanks... I'm new to car audio and this is the only place I knew to ask...

    Thank god for message boards

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