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Thread: Okay i need some help.

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    Okay i need some help.

    I just read about this carputer stuff today and i feel like i've been living under a rock for the past few years. Here are a couple of questions.

    - If i were to get the xenarc touch screen from ebay then how would i connect that vga output to my video card? The cable looks extremely short.

    - Has anyone integrated a carputer into their glove box?

    I know most people here use their carputer to play mp3's, but i want to use my carputer for playing mp3s and dvds. Is it a bad idea to put a dvd drive into the car glovebox so i can play dvds off a cd since the car might be bouncy?

    - What is divx?

    - Aren't there problems with the car and extreme heat or cold? Like... in the summer wouldn't the computer get hot and in the cold wouldn't the computer be killed from condensation?

    please please please dont ask me to search around because i've been doing a LOT of reading since about 10:00PM and now its 2:35AM and it'd be real great if someone could just give me the answers when they have them!


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    Welcome to the forums

    I recommend reading for a few hours more, most of your questions have been asked!

    Anyway, i'll try to answer some of them for you (nothing to do at work at the moment!)

    1. The vga cable for my Xenarc display is about 6ft long. The USB cable is about another 4ft longer than that...why they didn't make them all 4ft longer i don't know!

    2. Yeah, I had mine sitting in the glove box in my Ford Escort, as it was a temporary install, couldn't be bothered to run the cables to the back

    3. Most DVD drives should be OK with a few bumps. Unless you are going over 2ft wide potholes at 60mph, most bumps are hardly registered inside the car. Unless of course you have rock solid suspension

    4. DivX is a type of video compression. It normally allows you to get a nearly DVD quality movie into about 700-1400MB of space, rather than over 5gb on a DVD. Due to it's smaller file sizes (and still good quality - depending on who ripped it ) it has become a prime thing to trade on the intarweb.

    5. Many people have had their computers in their cars all year round, some for 2-3 years, and not developed problems. Of course, this will depend greatly where you are, and your local weather conditions. I personally have not had any problems with mine here in the UK over the past couple of years

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    Quote Originally Posted by EddieK
    - If i were to get the xenarc touch screen from ebay then how would i connect that vga output to my video card? The cable looks extremely short.
    You can always extend the cables if you need to. USB has a maximum length of 5 meters according to the specifications, but I'm sure that people have probably done longer. All the other cables, RCA VGA and RS-232 should be able to be made even longer then that.
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