Thanks for the info ChrisW.

Good job you done there Shame those toshiba screen are not very bright.

Yes I do have a 4-2-1 manifold. I already thought about throttle bodies with the stage 3 head. Not sure if the gain is worth the hassle...might be better off with an engine tranplant though

Any idea how much lateral g's your XR2 pulls going around corners? I bought an ADXL202 accelerometer evaluation board to be connected to my carpc. Having cornering hard Im reaching about 0.9 g quite easily. Not exactly 100% correct as the car tilts and therefore registering slightly more g's.

The lateral as well as braking and acceleration g's can be logged/observed on the screen..useful on race tracks. Calculating the car speed, engine RPM, acceleration, weight and drag should give me the BHP. I done some program based on labview to calculate these...still along way to go though.