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Thread: looking for complete solutions

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    looking for complete solutions

    I've been trying to evaluate the PC vs. something like the PhatBox and I'm finding it difficult to get information on anything besides the PhatBox and Neo. So, what are the real competitors out there and how do they stack up?
    I consider the CDC interface a real asset, so far PhatBox appears to be the only one that has a good changer interface.


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    It depends on what you are looking for. If you just want mp3s, then you can probably find a decent head unit that plays mp3s from cds starting around $300. HD based systems get a lot more expensive. What I found was that nothing out there offered the interface I wanted, or the features I wanted. Building a PC, I am getting everything and more for around $400.

    You can look at the hardware section of, also go to, and you can look at a bunch of headunits.


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