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Thread: power on and off

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    power on and off

    hey, my first post...
    i was wondering what you guys use to power up and power down in your carputers...

    im taking my laptop...its a 1ghz, 18 gig, 256 mb ram...anyways...i would like to wire it in...right to the battery. I already know how to do this...I believe? im not really sure...i have wired amps and stuff so i assume it would be the same except it would go through an inverter or something else? any suggestions on that? also, i was wondering if there is some program or something that will power up and shut down the computer when i turn on the juice...much like a radio would. so, how do i go about this? ive been looking around and i saw some stuff about inverters but nothing about powering up...

    thanks in advance for any help!

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