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Thread: n00b question: Regarding CarPuters

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    Exclamation n00b question: Regarding CarPuters

    Hello All ...

    I have been doing research into carputers, mp3cars etc. I stumbled upon this site. Seems to be great for resources! I have been modifying things for a while now, Cases, Laptops Etc. Huge computer geek. My latest project was taking an old laptop apart and turning it into a digital picturefram. (
    But thats beside the point ...

    My question is regarding cases and wireing. I have see both says done, small case in glove box and LCD or case in the trunk with lcd.

    In the latter case how difficult is the wiring to get the lcd wired to the dash?

    Anyone have any good pics and tutorials or DIY's etc.

    Im in the process of working this project out.

    Any help is appricated!


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    its easy. Depends on the type of lcd you use. vga or composite. Both will run the distance fron the trunk to the dash.

    If you use composite, you just run a rca line from your TV out on your video card to the lcd and just run a long vga line if you use vga.

    As for power, its a good idea to power it from the computers PSU since thats a clean 12volts. So you just chop off the molex connector and the 12v line is the yellow line and run that to the 12v source on your lcd and then ground it to the black line on the psu. Easy as that.
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    Hey thanks for replying so quickly ...

    I need some info in wireing from glove box to power/lcd
    trunk power/lcd
    diy or pics would help ...

    i've seen lots of pics on this site a welth of info have to spenmd alot of time searching / researching.

    I just found out the eh Casetronic C134 isn't any good for carputers as it has power issues. Good to know almost bought one.

    Links etc. Post anyhting that would help me out!

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    remember that most LCDs used in carputers have either a composite input or a vga input. it's not like a laptop screen where you have a number of different wires.

    so depending on which you use, you simply need a cable long enough to go from wherever you put the PC to the screen

    power comes from the battery (duh) and needs to be regulated before feeding it to your PC or LCD ... there's a million ways to do this ... you can also go with an inverter
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    In my car, I mounted the LCD right on the top of my dash. The 93' Honda Accord has an inset in the dash where the clock goes.

    I went down to my mechanic and had them take the clock out, Then I ran all my cables through the hole, and down into the passenger seat where all my wiring is. In your case, you would just hide the cables under the carpet or some molding and run it to your trunk.

    I used the mount that came with my LCD, and just stuck it to the dash with the adhesive that came with it. The clock also went back into place, and I notched it out some so the wires would fit. This was the part I really screwed up. You have to use a Dremmel for doing this, anything else will just mangle the plastic as I found out.

    Wiring really depends on where you want to mount your LCD. If you post a pic of your dash and tell us where you want to put your screen, we can give more suggestions.
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