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Thread: Newbie: Hardware help

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    Newbie: Hardware help

    So I'm new to MediaEngine, and I wanna get started on my own carputer. I've already got the software, but now I've gotta start building the actual computer. What will I need for hardware, and where can I get all the stuff? Anything specific I'll need since it's gonna stay in my car? Thanks, all.

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    Lazy surfer! We're not going to tell you 'the right way to build it' Just go read the project section and look at everyones for some examples of what works. A hot combo seems to be Opus/Epia/Lilliput. But use your own creativity skills and budget to come up with your own solution.
    Not to whore out my setup, but to see mine, as an example of something that works, go to
    MP3 MR2 (click here for details)
    Hardware: EPIA M10000, 512Meg Ram, 5.6"TFT, Opus 150watt DC-DC PSU
    Software: Windows 2000, Media Engine 2.0

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    I wasn't asking for the "right way" to build it, ***. So, if you were gonna be a d*ck about helping, you shouldn't've replied.

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    Well, while that certainly wasn't too friendly about it, he had the right idea. Basically what you want depends on what you're trying to do. You could go as ghetto as an old Gateway full tower in the trunk with a keyboard in the passenger seat (been there, done that), to a full-blown micro power system mounted in the glovebox with a touchscreen mounted in a modified dashboard.

    The way I went about it was to determine how much power I needed in a computer, and how small could I get it while still maintaining ease of obtaining parts for upgrades/maintenance/repairs. I went with an Optiplex GX100 from Dell to start, then ended up moving to a custom micro atx desktop case from

    The choice is yours, but you want to start with what you want to do with the computer in the car, and how you would like to control it. Having done that, check some of the projects listed in here to see how others went about doing it, and how cheap or expensive it was to do it that way. Trust me, a little surfing and clicking is going to be required, but all the info you need is right here! I got my start here, and people are more often than not quite willing to help.

    Send me a PM if I can offer any tips for individual hardware selection or control methods. I've run the gamut from a laptop in the passenger seat, to a verbal menu system controlled via keyboard, then to a VB program-based menu controlled via numeric keypad. My next step is a large LCD touchscreen using my own custom interface. I went this route as finances and knowledge permitted. If you want to build the "perfect" system for you the first time out, you're going to have to do a lot of research. It can be tedious, but checking out others' projects really gave me some great ideas and got me all excited about building up a sweet automated system!

    Hope I could be of some help to you!
    The ALEXIS Project
    Color Coding :

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