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Thread: v10000 epia vs m10000 epia

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    v10000 epia vs m10000 epia

    hey guys i have a question. . i did a search but i didn't really see anything about the v10000. i know it uses the old chipset and an ezra core i believe but i just wanna know if it will play divx and dvd smoothly. as it is 45 usd cheaper than the nehemiah m10000. i know im good to go if i get the m series but would the v series 1ghz sufficient for the normal carputer needs.

    what im doing right now is getting rid of the uatx board that ive been using (biostar mvig pro with duron 1.3 ghz and 256 corsair ddr) so i may take a performance hit but im hoping the lesser amount of heat will have these components by thanking me (they ran around 60 C in my car for the last 5 months)

    i have everything already prewired since ive had a carputer for a while and this is a matter of getting a new mobo and case and a slim dvd



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    Go to

    They have reviews, and links to other reviews.

    In summary, the Nehemiah core 10000 is much better than the ezra core one.

    In actual testing, my Nehemiah is pretty much exactly as fast as a 500mhz P3...the bonus is that it is so small, and has everything onboard...and uses less electricity.

    The Ezra is less capable.

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