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Thread: Starting carputer. where to find parts.

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    Starting carputer. where to find parts.

    hi everyone.. i have dreamed about putting in a carputer in for a long time... now that i have the funds i just need to know where i can get everything... i have looked around but need some help to sort things out... i would like to get the xenarc or lillitouch screen w/ touch screen... as for the cpu i would like to have something compact i can possible put in my trunk next to my sub... does anyone know where i can get the cpu w/out building it myself... if i do build it myself where can i get the mobo and cpu??? i know via makes the mini... where do i find a case for it??? also everyone talks about opus power supply.. is there a site i can look for that?? thanks in advanced for ur help guys... i will basically be using the cpu for gps and playing mp3s.. also would like to have a wireless card in there so i can d/l from my network... please anyone w/ advise would greatly help... thanks again guys... if neone need pics to work w/ i will also post..

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    not sure yet.
    yeah just got my itx from monarch... super fast and great help

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    Is the Opus only available direct from Opus Solutions?

    P.S. Yes, its my first post, but I've been lurking for a couple months and already have half of my components... been holding off on the power supply until I felt more comfortable with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Litespeed
    Is the Opus only available direct from Opus Solutions?

    Far as I know, yes.
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