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Thread: Cabrio install

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    Question Cabrio install

    Hey folks, I now have my idea, and what I wanna do but Im having problems with the placement of the Computer. now I know you people are like damnit, you stupid, but No, Im not, I have 2 12 inch subwoofers with a very very large magnet on the back. I dont want my PC getting zapped but the magnets it has a very big field. where do you think I could put my PC and It needs to be in a place where it will be cool, Lexington, KY gets hot and humit in the summers and cold as a witches tit in the winter. . So I need some Ideas. and if you dont know what a VW cabrio looks like, its like a VW golf GTI 2 doors with a small trunk. its a 1995 cabrio sorry I didnt put that in.
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    i'd put it next to the subs and see if it actually makes a difference. there's a decent chance it wont. as for the hot and humid part, you might tap into your AC system, pipe it in the glove box, and put the computer there
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    From what most people have said, the subs won't give you any problems.

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    Was it leslie? I think, he's got his ina box right next to his subwoofer, and his friend even tested his HD with a magnet on it for a week... no problems. It's in the last couple pages in this thread.

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