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Thread: ive asked 3 times, PLZ HELP, easy anwser!!!

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    I find Frodo's response quite acceptable. This is not rudeness. Simply a blunt suggestion that perhaps, just perhaps, when you spend $150 on something, you should do some research yourself on it.

    Now, DSM. Go read the FAQ in my sig. In fact everybody should read my sig. Do so now if you have not. Reading it will help you get answers to your questions, rather then silence or a STFW response.
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    Save a few more dollars and get this screen:

    Since you are going to be playing DVDs, look for a screen with a 2400(H)x480(V), or 1152000 dots. Also you want a active-matrix TFT screen, stay away from anything else.

    I found my 5 inch to be to small and replaced it with a 7 inch screen. Save you money and get a good quailty 7 inch screen if it fits in you setup.


    Quote Originally Posted by Gutter
    Usually I'd agree with you guys, but you are reading the newbie forum. For that reason alone, your posts are very rude.

    If you're easily annoyed by these types of questions, perhaps you should avoid this area.
    I agree. This is the newbie forum. Either help them out or do not post. Also on the other hand, newbie's please use the search button. There is tons of info that has been covered on these forums.


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    Hey, as long as it's not any particular race I'm offending, I can stand to be a pedophile.
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    Alright, as I've become something of a Newbie Helper, I'm gonna have get Frodo's back on this one...if he went to google (or even better, froogle--I got most of my stuff from froogle) and typed 5.6" LCD DVD, he'd get tons of hits in his price range. Or if he did a board search...or if he looked at people's setups and did google searches for the names of their monitors like i did.

    It frustrates me that people expect to be able to use the Newbie forum as a silver platter of knowledge. We know a lot, and are happy to help, but jebus, we're not gonna feed you grapes while little gnomes build you the perfect system for $20.

    If Frodo wasn't blunt, people might not get the idea that such requests are not typical or encouraged behavior, and we might get a proliferation of topics like "Hey whr can i get an amp for under $150 plz thx?"

    No knock on DSM for being a newbie, but I say kudos to Frodo for suggesting that his methods of information seeking are not optimal.

    And another thing....DSM, YOU ALREADY HAVE A did you locate that one??
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    Let this thread die !

    DSM97RS: I was a little hard on you it was late, sorry. Search next time.

    The rest of you:
    The world isn't perfect, you're never going to win an argument on the internet.
    I don't want the forum to turn into a bashing/****ing contest.

    PLEASE, let it die.

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