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Thread: RCA to car stereo

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    RCA to car stereo

    I bought an mp3 player a while ago and since then I have been listening to it in my car via an fm transmitter, however, when I am driving into big cities it is impossible to find a station that is empty and weak enough to let me broadcast on it. So, I was wondering if there was anyway to hook RCA cable to my car stereo, as it stands I have a plain old cd car deck. I was looking for a way to either have an rca jack coming off of the deck or some way to tie into the car stereo with wires.
    If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

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    There are lots of ways to do what you're looking to, but most aren't cheap. If your CD player can support a CD changer you can find an adapter for under $20. Otherwise you're looking at more complex and costly solutions. What CD player do you have?

    And as always, this has been discussed several times recently.
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    most car stereos have some sort of input on them. My stock radio from honda has a port on the back that is normally used for an optional CD changer, but there are adapters out that will allow for any RCA input. I also used to have a pioneer stereo that had an "IP-Bus" (pioneers proprietary connector). Pioneer makes an adapter for RCA input that plugs into the IP-Bus connector (it was part # RB-10 I believe, for anyone reading and needs that info ). My current stereo from clarion has RCA inputs built in.

    If your stereo has a cassette player, then you can also buy an apdater that goes into the tape player.

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    I installed my ipod into my 98 Altima (until my carputer is done) stock head unit via the cd changer plug. As there was no adapter to be found, I had to do a little creative wiring to utilize the plug. Check out how I did it at You may find that you can to fiddle around with your head unit in a very similair manner. Good luck!

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    I found your post while researching hardwiring my iPod to my 98 Altima head unit.
    I went to the link you posted but it is no longer available. Do you have another link for it or perhaps have it in another docuemtn form?


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