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Thread: UK newbie with a few questions!! (pics too)

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    UK newbie with a few questions!! (pics too)

    hello all,

    At the moment I have a 7" pionner screen running a playstation 2, and kenwood head unit with aux in for my sounds

    ive sold the lot and yesterday i recived my 7" touchscreen and 15" VGA/TV screens to go in my dash and boot

    just waiting on my PC to be built and ill be ready to install it all

    whats the best software to use for nav/dvds/mps etc?? i use winamp at the moment but id like something easy with simple buttons for the touch screen

    any other tips and hints?? regards


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    [IMG] DsPOzj!A1it5!Jy6oQUqnZQrusLPZ7TaGGKdLZEfTCzAWsChx0 aCUf7*V8/DSC00148.JPG?dc=4675456936980670396[/IMG]

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    I personally use MediaCar, check out the sub-forum in the Software section here

    And for GPS, I use Destinator

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E

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