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Thread: Difference in two M10000 MoBo's

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    Difference in two M10000 MoBo's

    Hey im new to this and was just wondering what the difference is between the M10000 and the M10000 with LVDS to connect a LCD. Would I need the one with the LVDS since i am going to be using LCD screen for my car? Sorry if the is a retarded question, but this is my first time even thinking of putting a cpu in my car. I tried searching but didn't come up with the answer i was looking for.

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    I don't believe you need the LVDS.

    The LCD screens most people use in their cars come with either composite in (RCA connector like a game console) or VGA. VGA providing a better quality image.

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    basicly, appart for a tiny super-dense connector somewhere in the middle, there's no difference
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    Ok thanks for the help

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