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Thread: Saturn Vue PC

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    Saturn Vue PC

    Hello all
    I just ordered all the parts for my Car PC project. I will be putting this all together and placing it in a 2004 Saturn Vue. Here is my setup details:

    VIA EPIA-V8000A (800mhz)
    Morex 3677 MINI-ITX CASE
    256MB RAM
    40GB Hard Drive
    Navman e-Series USB GPS Reciever
    Lilliput 7" Wide Touchscreen Monitor

    Now i just have to wait to get everything shipped (the worst part).

    Im also looking for ideas on how to mount the monitor. I would like to mount it in front of my factory stereo (i will be keeping it cause it plays mp3 cds, and will be using it to control the sound from my pc). Ive been thinking of making some kind of mount with a sliding bracket. The sliding bracket would allow me to slide the monitor down (placing it below the stereo) or slide it up (covering the stereo). would be cool if i could make it motorized so it would move up or down with the push of a toggle switch or something.

    Anyone else have some ideas?

    Ill probably be putting together a website where i will post pics and the progress of this project, Ill post a link when i have something.

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    Everything has been delivered, with the exception of the monitor. I plan on starting the assembly of my pc tonight when i get home from work. Shouldnt be too long after that before the pc is up and running. The only thing i really need to figure out now is how im going to mount the monitor to my dash. I have a few ideas now so hopefully i will end up with a solution that will give the monitor that needed "its part of the dash" look!

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    cool, man. Get some pics!
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    Definitely post some pics...i'm curious to see how the screen fits in the double din.

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    Also interested as I have to do it also.

    Post us some pics!

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    Y'all realize that this was posted 2-1/2 years ago....
    Y'all can't see it, but the OP hasn't even visited the site in nearly a year...
    You're probably not going to see any pics.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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