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Thread: using a laptop...

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    using a laptop...

    im new to all of this and i plan on using a laptop... as i did my searches on how to power it, almost everything i found was for an opus, but from what ive read/understand from reading is that is for regular comps... is there an equivilant for laptops or how else would i suppy power to the laptop?

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    This is what I got, works great!

    No need for a tank circuit, laptop will run off of internal battery while starting the car (so even a crappy laptop battery can be ok).

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    You could use a power inverter directly connected to the battery, then simply plug your AC adapter into the inverter and run it from there. If you want I actually have one for sale. Check out my ebay link
    New CarPC on the way again I think. I miss my old one!!!

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