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Thread: Which is better?

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    Which is better?

    Hey everuone and firstly thanks for the great ideas!
    Ok so what is the consensus of opinion? I was thinking that a an old laptop mounted in the boot, with a touchscreen in the dash and all the add ons in usb form. Powered via 12v on the ignition switch and running on internal battery when voltage drops.
    Easy to fit
    Designed for use on the move
    No inverter required

    Older laptops have no DVD
    Smaller storage

    or a homebuilt system
    Cheap to build
    Easy to upgrade

    Larger and harder to conceal
    Not designed for life on the move so thought to dvd use and hd mount required
    Inverter required

    So which is the best way to go. I want to do this but am on a mega tight budget. Software isnt an issue but would like to use navigation etc.
    What do people think?

    what are the advantages of mini atx boards and has anyone used a desktop dvd drive on the move and if so what was the result like?

    Would running a number of usb items like a hd, gps eye, wireless keyboard and mouse(just in case), touch screen etc etc through a hub cause major problems? They seem to be pretty processor demanding systems?

    Cheers Rob

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    adv/disadv of laptops discussed less than three weeks ago. Moreover, every other question has been addressed countless times. Not to be a dusche monkey, but

    If this was what was stopping you, the form factor is "mini ITX". There is also a "micro atx" that has more than one manufacturer.

    that said, I formerly used a desktop DVD drive with no issue. I Have USB devices up the wazoo and haven't had problems.
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