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Thread: new in the forums...

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    new in the forums...

    not new, but I just registred now

    I just bought a car, an old BMW from 86, great car! I bought an old one, so that I can play with mounting a puter in it.. I've had the idea for some time, thought it was an uniq idea, but, eh... I found this site while surfing around!

    But I still want to put tin the puter, I think I'll just post my ideas so far...

    I've mounted a mp3/cd/radio (panasonic) last week, I'm looking into some speakers now...

    The idea is not using the puter all the time, but only for longer distances... (I'm driving 5 min to or from work)

    I want the puter, with a screen, and GPS, so that I'll be able to find my way, see a DVD, and make a HUGE playlist when driving from France to Denmark! (I'm danish but live in France)

    So far I'm think of this combo:

    A OPUS powersupply

    a VGA screen, I guess around 8" (probatly mounted on the ventilation), as this one: 7 screen, mounted on cd player, or ventilation. 245 $ (193euro)

    This mtherboard: VIA EPIA Nehemiah M10000 1Ghz All In One Motherboard 146Euro

    This GPS: gps 995dkr (133euro)

    And this for a mouse: Micromodule Mouse 10$ (8euro)

    Basically I guess this is all i need, of course a hdd, dvd, bla bla bla for the puter, but I've got some old stuff lying aroud, guess that'll do

    I know it's not fancy, but I guess it's a beginning, who know's I might wanna make it more fancy one day, first I wanna see it work!

    I'm gonna keep the newly installed headunit, and use the AUX in for the puter, I know it's not really the way to go, but I believe it's better for me...

    And for the stereo, I REALLY need to install something else, cuz what's in now has the same age as the car! =OLD!

    What do you think, would this work, should I consider something else? I don't want a touchscreen, and the links are just some I found, not exactly what I want...

    Here's the car:

    By the way, I know this'll work, since I've been reading a lot of posts, and it seems this should be okay, I just wanna say hallo to ya, maybe get some comments, and thank everybody for making this site great!

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    Well, found this touchscreen, think it's gonna be that instead 7 touch screen, incl gps 429 euro (screen 339, gps 120 seperately)

    No comments at all, guess I'll just by the stuff them, I see what happens

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