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Thread: Help locating parts

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    Help locating parts

    I've recently decided to build a carputer for my Grand Cherokee and I've identified most of the parts, but I'm having trouble locating a source for the power supply. I had hoped to use the Opus DC DC Power Supply, but can't find a site that lists them. I've tried communicating with Opus Solutions via e-mail, but have received no response... Any suggestions?

    I'm thinking about replacing the tuner with the carputer, but I'm concerned about the quality of the audio if I do. I intend to use the EPIA VIA MII board and possibly using and audigy 2 card instead of the onboard sound. I would be interested to here any thoughts on the idea.



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    if u look on the site we are doing a group purchase end of the month .... couple bucks off ... and there is one on EBAY right now if u want it sooner
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