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Thread: 1988 Toyota Crown

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    Question 1988 Toyota Crown

    As this is my first post I'd just like to say HI! and a big thank-you to everyone who has contributed to these forums - seldom is a forum with so much information and little personality issues.

    -My question-

    I have just imported a 88' Crown to Australia - as I cannot get my hands on her for yet another couple of days. I am wondering if anyone has had experience / played with any of the goodies (maybe some of the older forum member might be more familiar.)

    It has stock, GPS, TV, Audio touch screen (colour) monitor (origins unknown - any help appreciated) and a 8 speaker 1 front sub arrangement.

    Any ideas how to control this system with new technologies available ? I am researching along the lines of EPIA- but who knows

    Thanks again

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    When you get your hands on the car, you should check out a few things, like does the monitor have a input on it, should be some button where you press to get another input, and then if the audio has some kind of aux in, if not you can either install a new one use a FM Modulator / transmitter or run them off of amp's, now the GPS and touch screen im not sure about. I guess just see what kind of interface it has and then try to go from there, if the GPS still works you will not need to intergrate it with your car computer. Sounds like it could be interesting keep us posted
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