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Thread: Build A System

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    Build A System

    Well this is my first post but I've been reading this forum for a few days now. Well I've decided that I want to put a carputer in my 00 Silverado so I'd like some help. Basically I want you to tell me what parts you would get if you were me because I'm kind of clueless on what to buy. I don't need the best out there but some mi-end stuff.

    What I'm thinking right now:
    Celeron processor (thinking 1.2 ghz)
    Outboard Sound and Video (sound blaster with a radeon)
    256 Ram
    30-40gb Laptop HD (Will it hold up to offroad abuse?)
    7" Touchscreen
    DVD Drive

    I need suggestions on a mobo, case(Small as possible because of space issues), power supply, and fans/heatsinks. (I live in an area in which the temp is 100+ in summer) Also, would I need to do something so the computer doesnt turn on and off on its own? I want to be able to start it then power it up myself. Thanks

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    This site sell M/B for celeron/P4 in mini-ITX form :

    It should have most of the stuff you need. Yes laptop HDD can take more abuse than desktop HDD...they are just slower and cost more

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