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Thread: Power Supply Questions

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    Power Supply Questions

    Ok here's what I have:

    Morex 3677 power case 60w
    VIA EPIA-M10000 Nehemiah with LVDS01, W/C3 1ghz NE
    Toshiba 20GB 2.5" HDD 4200rpm
    Liliput 7" Touchscreen

    I know this is covered and I've searched for hours and read stuff I really don't understand. I want to be able to listen to music, watch DVD's and in the future GPS. Now my question comes to the power supply. What do I need to listen while my cars off and doesn't reboot when I crank it up? I know about the OPUS, but the $$$ is tight right now. I dont want to do an inverter. I've heard about ITPS, but does it work with or without the 60w power supply I have? Can someone please explain ITPS to me? Basically just tell me what to get and what to do. Also concerning DVD drives. Will a laptop DVD with an IDE adaptor work in the dash extending the cable to the motherboard? Thanks

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    One word:


    Power is the most important thing in a carputer, and for all the things you have mentioned you want it to do, the Opus will do it.

    You've got two choices:
    1. Spend $200 on an Opus
    2. Spend $40 on an ITPS, find it doesn't work like you want it to, spend $50 on other stuff you've seen elsewhere, then spend $200 on an Opus

    With regards to the DVD, you could possibly run an IDE cable back to the computer (a couple of people here have been using a 15ft cable OK) or you could get a FireWire or USB2 IDE adapter and run a FW/USB cable to the back

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