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    Question Confused About This

    Ok, I am confused about a couple things. I am going to sell my eclipse deck so that i can use that money to get a touchscreen and computer. I hvae high quality components in front and back, and two 12 L7' solobaric subs. I have an amp running all the mids and highs. How will I run the mids and highs without a deck? Will there be pre-outs on the touchscreen? will there be preouts on the computer that i run to the amp to power the mids and highs? my deck has a 5v pre-out, so what would compare to that in the carputer world?

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    I don't know what voltage the ouput on your computer sound is capable of, but you can always use a pre-amp too. Mine just uses an 1/8" stereo headphone to two RCA adapter.

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    oh, so i just use the 1/8" stereo headphone from my computer and bring it to my amps
    ? does anyone know what kind of voltage that is compared to a head unit?

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    The volume levels you get out of a computer will be line level, which should be about the same as the RCA outs on your Head Unit.

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    Don't get rid of your head unit as long as it has AUX in's!!!!!

    If it doesn't have auxilary in's, then is it a Sony with CD changer inputs? If so, you can use a Sony XA-300 to interface your PC to your stereo.

    If no to all of the above, go buy a head unit with AUX in's. Why? Because it's a lot easier to manipulate your car stereo's volume knob that to use a touchscreen or a remote control. Plus with a decent head unit, you won't have to worry about amps and crossovers and all that stuff.
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