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Thread: where to mount touchscreen...

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    where to mount touchscreen...

    after lurking around and reading a lot of the threads here, i decided i have to register too
    i finally have my car and am planing to install a carPC into it. i have most of it figured out already. the main question i still havent answered is: where should i mount my touchscreen. i havent decided on which product i want to buy because i dont know if it would fit.
    so could the experienced customizers please tell me where YOU would mount a screen in an opel (vauxhall ) astra '99?
    i found some images of the interior to let you have an idea:

    and another question: does anybody know the configuration of the stock radio (sockets and such) and how to remove it?
    and: how does one remove the dashboard without destroying anything?

    thanks for any thoughts

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    That depends on a couple things. Here's your options how I see it:

    1) If you're good with fiberglass or bondo, you could remold your dash and put the screen just about anywhere you want. This option allows the most freedom, but is also the most work. The possibilities are endless.

    2) If you want it to be hidden or not visible all of the time, you need an in-dash unit like DWW-7VGA.

    3) If you don't mind it being out where everyone can see it, then just buy a Xenarc or Lillyput and mount where ever visibility is good for you. You can glue the mount to the dash, or use one of those angled brackets that bolts in behind the dash and comes out one of the cracks between dash panels.

    4) There are also a few screens that mount in the visor. I don't know if any are availible in VGA or just PAL/NTSC.

    That's the short list of the popular methods. Hope it helps.

    If it were me, I would move the stereo down to the blank storage slot you have below the climate controls, and put an in-dash screen in the radio's former DIN slot. That's going to be the cleanest option with the least work. Of course, there are guys in the forum that would tear out the whole center section of the dash and make a new one with a screen built right into it. I'm too lazy for that!!
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    Or you could just mount it in the lower slot if you didnt want to relocate your current stereo. Most of the flipouts adjust anyways...
    that would be super lazy but not as visible to other drivers
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    there's gotta be a way to get aftermarket climate controls, then just find small ones, move them to the very bottom next to the cig plug, move the radio head unit as far down as it can go, then mount the touchscreen in the void.

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    put it either in the ash tray zone or sticking up in front of the....clock? Above your vents.
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    eh put it in the DIN slot thats below your climate controls, thats the easiest and cleanest way to install it

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