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Thread: Connecting carputer to stock amplifier of a 2001 Pontiac FireBird TransAm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WWE-TicK
    So what do I need to do to make the signal from the sound card balanced? Would it be possible to get another amp that has RCA inputs, hook the carputer up to that, and then hook up that amp to the stock amp?
    If you want to go from unbalanced to balanced, the effort is not worth it.
    I would just buy an amp and replace the stock one. The stock audio, however, may need to go then.

    That's what I did in my setup. The stock audio system in my car was very "picky", so I replaced and rewired most of it. My PC is used as a headunit.

    Looking over the schematics diagram, it will be a pain to keep your speakers. It seems that the stock amp has x-over built in. I had to replace my rear speakers for this reason.

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    Did you ever find a solution?

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