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Thread: connecting a powersupply to saturn SL2

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    Cool connecting a powersupply to saturn SL2

    Im tryin to put a computer in my saturn SL2 useing an Opus power supply to power the motherboard. The opus has three contacts and two are supposed to connect to the battery, i was wondering where the best place to connect them in the car wouldbe. as well, there is supposed to have the third contact conneted to the ignition swith of the car. i dont know where any of this is on my car and i was wondering if anyone had a saturn wiring diagram or could tell me how to connet the opus...

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    I don't really have much info for your, but I just think it's awesome to see another Saturn owner. probably others here, but just never noticed. I am planning a carputer for my Ion somewhere down the line. I am just too broke for now. I will have all of the components except for the touchscreen and power supply as soon as I get a new desktop sometime next year. LoL Good luck on your project!

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    You can get 12v constant and the ACC wire from the wires that run down your steering column under the dash. Constant is thick red one and ACC is thick orange one.

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    From the opus:

    Red wire--straight to battery (with a fuse on the wire near the battery)
    Black wire--nearest ground (usually any solid bolt in a piece of metal)
    Yellow (?) wire--I put mine to my cigarette lighter, cuz it only gets power when the car is on.
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    another satty dude here!

    either the fuse box on the passenger side or the radio will have a switched. i cant remember exactly where and what work now. ill try and dig up the schematics later. ive got a comlete shop manual set.

    check my plastic fantastics..sorry no pics of pc yet.


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