My uncle gave me 4 old HP pavillion pentium 2 computers to play with and id like to use one in my car. I have a Indash DVD player already, so id have to use the video out on my video card to connect to the tv. And im guessing i can get an inverter for 50 bucks at costco that i can use with the 100w powersupply.

now my questions are. for the inverter... do i just run another power wire to the unit as if it were a car stereo amplifier?

What do you guys recommend using as a computer case for the system? It would have to be pretty small and compact so i can put it out of the way. i probably have most of my spare tire area full already because of my amplifiers. but i probably have just enough space to fit a motherboard down there and the mini powersupply it came with. does the motherboard have to be attached to a metal chassis? also, how do i cope with having my videocard and sound card popping out of the motherboard like 5 inches. i dont want them to break off while i drive.

also, would wireless keyboard/mouse be a good option in the car? what would be a better option besides touchscreen? (i dont want to open up my 2k dollar screen)

What are some good usb gps receivers? Accurate quick and cheap =)

sorry for all teh questions, just wanted to kill two birds with one stone =)

and if you decide to tell me to i did.. but didnt come up with anything i liked to see.