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Thread: Custom Indash setup?

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    Custom Indash setup?

    Hello, newb here..

    has any1 done a custom indash setup.. like OEM from the factory type look?

    i want to see what others have done and compare it to mine.. i am currently 90% done with my setup that consists of

    1. lilliput screen from Starvision
    2. Carputer from Starvision
    3. Custom Fiberglass faceplate (gives the OEM look indash, meets OEM specs)
    4. 2 Amps, 1 Sub, stock speakers + tweets..

    the only thing i got left to do is make the system turn on when the car starts and turn off when the car shuts down..

    the full system is relayed to my extra battery int he back, charged by my alternator useing a batter isolater (stinger 200amp) .. got a power swtich in the front to turn on the equipment in the car.. works nice.. just some glitches such as manual power on for the carputer..

    will post up pics soon.. however.. any1 else have this kind of setup? if so.. post up.. also, i am trying to somehow fit a stereo HU that is fed from my caruter.. so carputer > HU > AMPS > Speakrs/sub..

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    ok, 117 views. no posts.. looks like u giuys are waiting for my pics.. pics will
    be up tonight..


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    have you had a look in this section?????

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    nooop...will post there. thanks.

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